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When you prepare to leave the house to catch a flight, how many times do you check you have your passport? Once? Several? Usually people check many times. They feel anxious that it isn’t in the bag and in order to resolve the discomfort this causes, they check to see it is still there and the anxiety is relieved. But this isn’t enough. They may need to check it again later, and again later still. This is an example many of us can relate to. For the majority of people, such an event doesn’t occur often and doesn’t interfere with life.

For some people, the need to engage in checking or cleaning or other behaviours in order to alleviate anxiety is a big part of their life and interferes with functioning.

OCD isn’t just about checking or cleaning. Sometimes people have unpleasant thoughts which they find deeply distressing. Common distressing thoughts include thinking that they might act inappropriately in a religious institution or that they might harm a loved one. People tend to avoid situations in which they fear they may act upon the thoughts and try hard not to think about them. This often makes the thoughts even more prominent and can have profound effects on relationships and functioning.

There are a number of treatments shown to be effective in treating OCD, and our team is experienced to assist. An element of CBT called Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is particularly recommended. As too is psychodynamic therapy and EMDR. Your psychologist will work with you to decide the best approach for you.

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