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Corporate Wellness


Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

We offer the choice of bespoke solutions or turnkey programs that create a culture of wellness among your employees, no matter the size of your organization.

Research shows that poor emotional health amongst employees results in accidents, poor productivity and high staff turnover, which can all have negative effects on the bottom line.

Our involvement in your corporate wellness strategy is as much or as little as you would like it to be. Our solutions range from one-hour seminars to full packages. For example, we can provide a one-off seminar as part of your existing wellness strategy or develop full EAPs, providing up to 300 hours of contact with your staff team, depending on your needs.

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Our packages include

We are a Dubai-based psychology service, with a team of psychologists, counselors, life coaches, and other professionals ready to deliver the care and attention your company needs. When putting together our packages we include aspects such as:

Lunch and learn seminars

Training workshops

Turnkey EAP packages

Bespoke EAP packages tailored to your needs

Health promotion campaigns

24/7 Helpline

Individual counseling or coaching

Managerial guidance

Lunch and Learn Seminars and Workshops

Many organizations find short, one-off, sessions are the best way to support their team. We offer 1-hour seminars and workshops (lasting half a day to 2 days) in the following areas:

Stress Management

Mindfulness at Work

Happiness at Work

Smoking Cessation

Work, Life Balance

Yoga at Work

Managing Emotions in Challenging Situations

Parenting Strategies for Working Parents

Crisis Intervention

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