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Dr Marie Thompson is a kind, steady and empathetic listener. It is easy to chat with her in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

I was in complete despair when we first met. She guided me through my range of emotions, and helped me understand my anxiety, its roots, its triggers and how to heal.  Dr Marie was able help me interpret other issues, including family situations and their dynamics.  The therapy sessions felt like telling the only person in the world I could trust, what was going on in my life. 

Dr Marie’s therapy encouraged me to take care of myself, heal, set boundaries, and lead an authentic life.  I found my confidence, I found joy and I found me.  My experience also mutually enhanced my close and dear relationships.

Female. 53.

Wonderful place with an exceptional level of care. Dr Marie is at the very top of her field – I can highly recommend her. 

Female, 32.

Parking: Easy and convenient. Reception: Friendly and go out their way to try and accommodate appointments. Rooms: Comfortable, bright and relaxing.

Psychologist (Dr. Monica): Gives a real sense of care and consistent encouragement while keeping therapy very productive and on target. Practical and real help with appropriate compassion.

Makes me stay on target, helps focus and realise my steps forward. Thank you.

Male 35-45.

Dr. Monica has helped me get out of a dark place I have seen and felt the changes in my life and relationships due to her help. 

I have never regretted starting therapy and recommend it to anyone suffering.

Vivamus clinic is a very relaxing place. The staff are very professional to deal with. The location is good and parking is stress-free. 

Female 25.

Dr Rebecca has been extremely helpful with my anxiety disorder. Her expertise and knowledge in psychological techniques are exceptional. She helped me understand how emotions work, why they exist, and how to take my fears step by step.

I find the psycho-education very important in every treatment and Dr. Rebecca does it incredibly well. By nature I am not a person who tends to share feelings but with Dr. Rebecca I didn’t feel any barriers to do it. Thanks to her I feel I am better equipped for all the stresses, fears and challenges life throws at us. 

Male 27.

Vivamus is a lovely, welcoming practice, and is excellently run.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Marie Thompson for a little while and was pleased when she established Vivamus.

She’s kind and understanding and has been a great help to me.

Male, 30.

Dr. Marie is very approachable and personable and someone I feel I can comfortably open up to.

I would highly recommend her support and guidance.

Female, 39

Vivamus is a safe place to seek help in the UAE. My first session began with Dr Monica telling me that my files would be securely locked and unable to be accessed. This was one of my biggest fears seeking mental health help in the UAE – ie privacy.

Dr. Monica and the clinic are incredibly professional and qualified, and though I’ve been coming for just a few weeks, I know that this is an investment of my time and money that is worthy in bettering me and my future and overcoming my traumas.

Female, 26.

So far so good. I feel the sessions are well structured, allowing us to explore feelings and wishes with some relevant “homework” to follow up on meanwhile.

Male, 57.

From the moment I met Dr Rebecca I knew I was in safe hands. I knew I could be myself and wouldn’t be judged. I was in a pretty dire place so she undertook a thorough assessment and we agreed that DBT was likely the most effective therapy for me going forward, that has required trust and committment from both sides.

With Dr Rebecca I am free to be myself. There is no need to feel scared or awkward about how I feel, or what I do or don’t know. We’re honest that I’m with her to learn skills that are critical for me to live a life worth living. She validates yet challenges me, and with her I feel inspired by her challenges, and at no point criticised, but curious about a different point of view.

She is teaching me valuable skills and including my husband in the process, because he is key to my wellness going forwards. She is an absolute gem and I can’t recommend her highly enough.  

Female 46.

Most honest and professional psychologist not just in Dubai but globally.

Dr. Marie is a true blessing to the community and has changed my life for the better.

Female, 34.

Dr. Marie’s holistic approach to therapy is exciting and effective. 

Her focus on the person rather than the diagnosis allows for thorough analysis of issues and their cause.

Male, 52.

Helpful analysis – listening to comments is great.

Good advice, helps to focus on the day to day.

Female, 56

The best decision I made while living here in the UAE was coming to see Dr. Monica.

After retiring and starting a new job in a new country my stress level was through the roof. Other parts of my life started to be affected, especially my marriage. I literally felt at my wits’ end when I first made an appointment to see Dr. Monica. She is very professional but friendly, and very good in a comforting way at what she does.

After my first visit I started to feel better about my marriage, my life, but most importantly, myself. Every subsequent session has been so worth it. It’s changed my life.

Dr. Monica is outstanding and a God’s send.

Vivamus itself is comfortable too. The minute you walk in you feel welcome. The ladies on reception are great “people persons” and make the whole experience nice and easy. I can not recommend the Vivamus team any stronger. They are great!

Male, 57.

Dr Marie Thompson

DHCC Psychologist & Clinical Director

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Dr Rebecca Ferguson

DHCC Psychologist

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DHCC Psychologist

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