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Do you achieve great things in life, but fundamentally lack confidence in yourself?

It bothers me that self-esteem is so often gained from external factors. I often work with people who struggle with the concept that self-esteem really needs to come from within, irrespective of events and achievements. That’s not to say that we can’t work hard and be pleased with ourselves when we do well. But to have our sense of worth tied up in things likes grades, roles, weight etc, doesn’t end well.

This video does a great job of explaining why highly achieving successful people often have quite a fragile self-esteem, and why people who struggle financially and don’t necessarily meet society’s standards of attractiveness and success feel very secure in themselves.



We need to love our children with no conditions, where they are ok to just be. Don’t let our children run around constantly chasing attainment, they will never feel good enough. Let your children know they’re loved no matter what. Lean in to loving yourself no matter what. Really. No Matter What.

Dr. Marie Thompson. Clinical Psychologist