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Just as you are

A very happy and healthy 2018 to you and your family.

I love new year. I don’t like the crowds and the fuss and the hoo ha, and I loathe new year resolutions. But I do love to reflect on the year that’s gone and to feel grateful for the people I cherish, and to notice the areas of contentment I feel. Why would I want to ruin that with promises to be a better / fitter / sugar hating version of myself? I’m happy enough with where I’m at.

I’d implore you to do the same. New Year’s Resolutions can easily set us up to fail. Instead, notice areas in your life in which you feel content or happy even, and feel how that feels.  By all means, aim for change and growth in the areas that need it, but please don’t aim for a whole new you. The old you is good enough. In the words of Bridget Jones’ beau, Mark Darcy; love yourself “just as you are”.


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